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Knowing More of the Insurance Policies Covering Water Damage

Are you aware of the different types of water damage covered by the home insurance policies? It is a sad reality that water damage is one of the numerous issues encountered by homeowners and property owners that are covered by home insurance policies. However the items covered are different from one state to another. Most of these property owners and homeowners know that storm damages are included in those covered by their insurance policies. Nevertheless, most of them lack ideas on the other damages that aren’t caused by storm.

Water is not only regarded as universal solvent but it can also bring significant damage to houses and other properties. In most cases, water damages happen whenever there is a tremendous rise of moisture levels and rainfall. Water damage affects not just your home’s structural foundation but also the other assets inside your house such as books, clothes, shoes, furniture fixtures and household appliances. There are also situations where homeowners experienced mold growth, especially those who are living in humid places. Should your properties be suffering from water damage-related issues, have you taken steps to address it? In case your insurance company has water damage coverage on their insurance policies, what options would you consider when covering for damage costs and claims?

Yes, it is true that you can see growing number of properties that are impacted by water damage but most of homeowners lack funds to have it repaired, hence resulting to further damage on their properties. If you have insurance coverage for your house, then you should call your insurance company and have water damage covered and paid. For example, if obtain insurance coverage for all your house appliance failure, then you can get claims should any of these devices malfunctions or get busted and these include television sets, dishwasher and vacuum cleaner.
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Things to Remember When Filing for Water Damage Claims
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1. Homeowners and property owners are advised not to utilize the term “flooded” when they confer with insurance agents unless sure that flood insurance is included in your homeowner insurance policy. Nonetheless, you can use the term “water damage.” No matter how trivial these terms might be beware of using it interchangeably.

2. You should not also use the terms “septic overflow” or “septic backing up” since home insurance policies do not cover septic-related malfunctions.

3. If ever you have called the water remediation company and have carpet cleaning in their services, be sure to inform them to be careful when dealing with your carpets and not to destroy it otherwise you will not be paid for it or the insurance company will not replace your carpet.

These are just simple things that homeowners and property owners should keep in mind when filing for water damage claims to your insurance company.

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