5 Reasons to Get Prompt Windshield Repair

The rigors of everyday driving can take their toll on a vehicle. While a driver may not think that a minor chip or crack is something to worry about, there are many reasons to call an auto glass expert when damage is discovered. Below, drivers can find out why it’s so important to schedule repairs at the first sign of windshield damage.

A Chip Can Turn Into a Crack

A small chip from a flying rock may not look significant now, but looks can be very deceiving. Any stress on the windshield frame or a sudden temperature change can turn a chip into a crack within minutes.

Cracks Can Expand Quickly

Just like a chip, a crack can grow quickly with only a slight temperature change, turning a cheap crack repair into a costly windshield replacement.

Cracks Impede the Driver’s Vision

A crack through the driver’s line of sight may not be visible when driving during the day, but in nighttime driving, these cracks can fragment the light from oncoming vehicles’ headlights. A larger crack can hide a roadside obstacle, leading to the likelihood of severe damage from a collision.

The Windshield is One of the Vehicle’s Structural Components

Although a windshield’s high-strength glass allows the driver to see, it is also a crucial part of the vehicle’s structural integrity. The windshield supports the car’s roof, and a weakened piece of glass can decrease torsional rigidity and make the vehicle unsafe during a rollover crash.

A Crack May be Illegal

In many parts of the country, it is illegal to drive with a cracked windshield. When a car has a damaged windshield, not only does the driver run the risk of frequently being pulled over by the police, they are more likely to incur expensive fines as well.

Preventive maintenance and prompt repairs go a long way toward saving drivers money on expensive auto glass fixes and replacement. To save money right away and to stay in compliance with local laws, consult an auto glass repair specialist such as Low Price Auto Glass. To schedule an appointment for windshield repair or replacement, call the office or visit the website.

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